Friday, February 12, 2016

Des Moines Home and Garden Show

The Des Moines Home + Garden Show 2016 is going on this weekend. It's always fun to think Spring this time of year, and to dream up what we want to work on for our yard. 

We finished the paver patio last summer, so we will be working on furnishing it and styling it with flowers and plants this summer. 

I would love a couple of these in the yard to plant some veggies. We want to start making out own salsa, and think it would be fun to have a garden with the kids. We have a small rabbit population that likes our yard, and I like how this is raised and decorative, to protect the plants. It could be used for flowers if our gardening hobby doesn't pan out. I think I will need to cash in Mother's Day and Birthday for these. 


Work has been going well. We are hard at work on some custom and semi-custom homes. The Des Moines Register came out this week to photograph the model home in our new development: Acadia.

{click below}

Happy Valentine's Day this weekend, and Happy Birthday to Papa Steve on Sunday! 

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Shopping, Sickness, and K-Cups

How is that for a random title for the post? A few weeks ago, Avery and I went to MN to see my family and check out a new outlet mall. One of Mom's cousins from Illinois was going to be in the area for the weekend, and we met up with her. I love my Illinois family, so it was an easy decision to drive up and go shopping. 

This girl was also excited, and up before the sun. We snuggled, and she showed me her tricks on Subway Surfer. 

We made a quick pit stop at the local meat locker I used to work at to stock up on brats, summer sausage, jerky, and beef sticks to take home. 

Ready for the Twin Cities Outlet Mall!

We hit up BWW for a late lunch, and so I could be sure to catch the second half of Iowa State vs. Texas A&M men's basketball. 

Avery playing with her cousins. 

Then there is this guy. He cracks us up on the daily. This is how he watches Paw Patrol. 

The Noroviris/Flu bug hit our house last week. It hit it bad. We stayed home on Tuesday initially because it was dicey road conditions, but then when the weather cleared up, our health went down hill. Gavin has had it twice in the previous weeks, then it it Avery on Tuesday morning, me on Wednesday afternoon, and Tony on Thursday evening. We are still getting over it. 

I had wine, it helped. This stuff is gooood!

Gavin is becoming quite the little problem solver. He will carry that step stool around with him, so he can get a boost to grab what he wants. Or he will use it to get on a bar stool, to the Kuerig to "make coffee". Tony sent me this photo on Saturday when I was at work for a few hours. He was in our den preparing tax papers, and comes out to check on the kids to find Gavin turning into a barista. 

Thankfully the machine was off, so he didn't start a cup and burn himself. The little stinker. We caught him again on Sunday trying to do it, but he got scolded from me on that one. 

Monday, January 25, 2016

Toasted Raviolis {T-Ravs}

I decided over the weekend I wanted to make homemade raviolis. I had seen a recipe in my new Pioneer Woman cookbook on using won ton wrappers to create them, and went to work. A favorite appetizer in the Des Moines area are toasted raviolis, so we made these instead. 

My sous chef wanted to help, and she was indeed so much help. She had the idea to cut them in circles instead of leaving them as squares, and they fried/toasted so much easier. 

She created a little assembly line with won ton wrappers, the mini meatballs I had cooked up, egg wash, and the bread crumbs. 

She was so proud of them. She has been playing coffee shop and waitress recently, so she took her daddy's order, and brought him a plate of appetizers while I got to making our main dinner. {see below...the 1 pan chicken with bacon pasta dish is incredible.}

These were delish, and we will be making them again. 

It is soooo good. 

We have been having a nice pasta dinner on Sunday nights in the last few weeks, with a properly set table, so we have been getting creative with our pasta dishes. This one is a hit. 

Friday, January 22, 2016

Things we love lately...

I love you Amazon. I love your for your array of items to buy, and reviews of said items. I love you for Subscribe and Save. I love you for the streaming. I love you for Amazon Fire tablets, Amazon Fire TV, and Amazon Prime. I love you for free 2 day shipping.

I love you Ebates. When I was doing our holiday shopping on Cyber Monday, your easy to use site directed me to all my usual retailers, and let me know which ones were having sales, and which ones you were doubling your rebates on. It added up quick, and that cash will help offset what we spent. Your browser button is a must have! {Try it out! We saved a bunch of cash on items we were going to buy anyway, at websites we were going to use anyway. It does not cost any extra, you simply go to the website and click on the retailer link there. It directs you to Nordstrom, Target, Kohls, etc just as normal, but you earn cash back. Here is a link to get you started: Danielle's referral to Ebates! or you can click on the link on the sidebar <--- }

Oh Costco, you saucy minx you. Your return policy is everything. I love the random items I seem to find each and every time I am shopping your glorious aisles. The 1/2 price Hunter Boots, and the discounted clothing items are worth the price of admission alone. The Mediterranean seasoning on the pork medallions and chicken wings is delish. Your wine pricing is outstanding, and in the Rochester location, the Kirkland Vodka cannot be beat. We love you. 

Girlfriends Guide to Divorce

Now, don't give me the side eye when you hear the title of this show. Tony glared at me when I told him what I was watching, but so far, the message to the storyline is not taking your partner for granted. It is good, and I love Netflix for streaming it. Oh Netflix...

You are the reason we will be cutting the cable cord soon. I can watch all the weird British documentaries my little heart desires, and I can also re watch

 Sirens all day everyday. 

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Trains, Spices, Babies, and Pimm's.

Gavin was the lucky little boy who got a train table for Christmas from Grandma and Papa. He loves it, and I think Avery and Tony do too. They play with it quite a bit. 

Having the extra room in the basement is very necessary now with the larger toys the kids have. 

I went to the hospital on Friday night to visit some friends who had their second little girl. Downtown looked pretty cool. 

I spent the weekend working on various organizational projects, and the spice cabinet got cleaned out, and re-organized. I love my spices. 

I enjoyed a Pimm's Cup while doing so. It made it a bit more fun!

Gavin was sick yesterday and today. I am hoping he feels better soon, and that it misses the rest of the Bower House. 

Wish us luck!

Friday, January 8, 2016

I'm Back!

Always one for New Years Resolutions, I have decided to make blogging more of a priority. Well, any kind of priority would be an improvement over the last few years. 

2 kids and working full time is no joke. 

They are the best though. 

More to come soon. We have been busy. 

Our basement is mostly finished. We are waiting to finish out the bathroom down there while our bank account recovers from the rest and the holiday season. 


Thursday, October 1, 2015

Our Weekend.

Hello! It's been a long time since I have updated the 'ol blog. 

We had a great day last Saturday. We played inside and out, we went to the park, we took naps, and we cooked dinner over the firepit. The kids were in great moods, and everyone was having the best time.

We even found the stash of sparklers from this summer. 

Sunday, Avery and I were in a cleaning mood, and I decided to tackle the front closet that we keep some of the kids toys in, our wrapping paper in, and my sewing machine in for the time being. Our basement is still under construction, so we have a bit of a mess with stuff and storage totes everywhere. 

Much Better! I feel like I can breathe again when I open the door. It was getting out of hand, fast. 

Gavin is still obsessed with trains. 

Avery is into doing cheer routines while we watch the Iowa State football games. She is more entertaining than the team is sometimes. We are taking her to the game this weekend, and I hope she enjoys it!

Gavin is really starting to talk now. Lots of "Mom {or Dad}, watch this!" as he jumps off of something. He now calls out "Mom, where are you?" and I melt each time. Little boys man, they are so...sweet, but exhausting, but sweet, but tiring. All in the best way possible. 

Basement Progress: Doors, baseboards, and casing has been delivered. Cabinets show up tomorrow, and hopefully a trim crew in a week or so to install and set it all.